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Where Berlin companies already work together with the talents of tomorrow!

The Innovation Workshop Schöneweide was created by WISTA Management GmbH (WISTA) and the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW Berlin) with the aim of better connecting industry and research on a regional level. While the workshop provides a space for creativity, the HTW Berlin is the pool for research-oriented expertise on the student as well as the professor level. The WISTA acts as the pivotal interface. Limited to just a few weeks, the project is based on working in a group at the university while being in close contact with the companies and the professors.

After visiting the company, the students are coached by the experts of Design Thinking, who teach them how to brainstorm, to focus and to expand issues, to develop solutions, and to prototype. Lastly, they are helped with presenting their results and proper project documentation. This provides the students with hands-on experience – which is rewarded with credit points.

The Innovation Workshop also wants to continue working on itself. Despite the clear link to Schöneweide, the workshop is basically open for companies from all over Berlin given they match the topics of the University of Applied Sciences. It is planned to expand the range of topics and to get more Berlin-based universities and their know-how on board.

(Extract from Adlershof Journal)


Innovationswerkstatt Schöneweide

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